The intention of my art is to capture the enigmatic processes beneath the surface of our lives, the chapters that are written without our immediate influence. Call it destiny – the events that unfold without our knowing, but still emanate from our own will and desires. In many of my paintings the events of life are expressed through a movement, a force, as a celebration to life itself, which is in constant motion and change.

The monumental and stone-like impression in some of my paintings is my attempt of encapsulating the bygones, a manifestation of what has been, a peacefulness in the historically unchangeable, but also a stepping-stone to something new. Similarly, I let texts and markings express a manifestation or a confirmation of the past, as a way of leaving and moving on. This often constitutes the backdrops in my paintings, just as our childhood and adolescence constitute the background to our adult lives.

Through my art I want to mirror my own outlook on life and often let the paint flow, even if I steer it in different directions until I am pleased with the balance and harmony. This is the way I try to lead my own life – by letting it flow and acting upon the “right” moments to affect it. That’s why I am painting today, but in fact I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. The interest became apparent when I got a fountain pen from my father at the age of seven, and started experimenting with calligraphy. During the teenage years it developed into amateur graphic design, and sometime in the summer of 2000, I discovered the freedom and joy of painting.

The following years until today were heavily marked by various cultures and I have had the opportunity of experiencing widely diverse parts of the world, which has had a great effect on me and my art. My sources of inspiration range from the magical fauna of the Maldives to the decayed billboards of Nigeria, from the desert nights of Kuwait to the factory floors of Finnish steel mills, from the beautiful gates of Malta to the gothic tombstones of Romania.

At present, I work primarily with acrylics, gouache, ink and pastels combined with sand and lacquer, and I apply the substance with brush, spatula, and knife or with my fingers. My art is in a constant stage of development and I look forward to exploring new techniques and new forms of expression. Although many of my paintings reflect periods of my own life, I hope, with my current non-figurative approach, that the observer with his or her feelings and interpretations takes part in the process of creation.

Fredrik Wicklund, 2007