The intention of my art is to capture the enigmatic processes beneath the surface of our lives, the chapters that are written without our immediate influence. Call it destiny – the events that unfold without our knowing, but still emanate from our own will and desires. The monumental and stone-like impression in some of my paintings is my attempt to encapsulate the bygones, the manifestations of what has been, the peacefulness in what is both historically unchangeable and also a stepping-stone to something new. Similarly, I let markings express a manifestation of the past, as a way of leaving and moving on.

Through my art I want to mirror my own outlook on life as an adventure. Although I am the creator, I don’t have a set idea of what I want to create from the start as opposed to representational art. Instead it’s about creating a feeling that dwells into the realms of our subconscious, creating an abstract experience that doesn’t require an explanation through the use of language.

It all starts with turmoil and confusion by letting paint flow in different directions. From then on, it’s a process, based on a series of decisions where I rely on my intuition, experimentation, curiosity, imagination and the experience of colour, fading, structure and what the tools can do for me, to create a sense of balance and harmony. I work in layers that are often scraped off and then restructured to reflect and visualise the subconscious and invisible forces that move through our lives and shape our understanding of who we are.

During my journey of painting I am often out of control and the ultimate oneness with my art is when I am not entirely aware of what’s happening and instead completely surrender to what’s unfolding in front of me. I steer the development to a gradually lesser extent until the painting could not have turned out in any other way and makes sense. Art to me is about this freedom.

Although my paintings reflect periods of my own life, I hope my non-figurative approach resonates with the viewers’ stories, hopes, truths, dreams, feelings and interpretations, and in that way take part in the process of creation.

Fredrik Wicklund, 2007